Photo albums

A picture is worth a thousand words—so please take a look at my photo albums to learn more about what our local host families and au pairs are up to during the year.
Supportng Kids around the world in Facing Difference Challenge


I registered for Facing Difference Challenge to help Kids First Foundation We raised $294. Thanks to help of Cultural Care Au pairs, host families with their children and teachers (special thanks to Halina Sibik) we made 49 portraits to support Kids around the world in Facing Difference Challenge. Each portrait […]

January 2018 self defense class


During our January Cultural Care Au pair meeting we practiced self defense. Thank you to Chon-Ji Academy of Martial Arts, Inc. once again for teaching us helpful tricks. For more pictures go to my website Start For more info about self defense class contact Chon-Ji Academy of Martial Arts, Inc. […]

July and August 2017 Monthly AP meeting


We watched movies in the park *** July July 26th at 8:30 pm movie night in the Ridgewood (with special event) Memorial park on Ridgewood Ave July 26 – Bye, Bye, Birdie Movies in the Park ***August August 9th at 8:30 pm movie night in the Ridgewood Memorial park on […]

June 2017 Kasshau Memorial Shell Concert in the Park


Our Monthly Au Pair meeting in June 2017 took place in Ridgewood attending Kasshau Memorial Shell Concert in the Park. As every year we met in Ridgewood to attend a concert under the starts. We listened to “Jersey Sounds” Classic Oldies. It was a great night. The attendance was amazing. […]

May 2017 Water, Drowning and Household Poisoning Safety meeting


May Cultural Care Au Pair Safety meeting Not only do they take care of their host kids, but also are great keeping them safe. To get more info about hosting an Au pair and free registration code, contact the at: Anetta S Matias Local Childcare Consultant Cultural Care Au Pair […]

May 2017Disco Boat Cruise NYC


This year again over 550 Cultural Care Au Pairs participated in the NYC Disco Boat Cruise. In addition to dancing and socializing, taking pictures of beautiful Manhattan views and Statue of Liberty, they were helping us to raise money for Kids First Foundation. All of the donations are greatly appreciated.😘 […]

April 2017 Cultural Care Kids First Fundraising event at Five Below


In April I hosted a fundraiser event at Five Below to support Cultural Care Kids First Foundation. Host Families’ and Au Pairs’ attendance was excellent. We raised over $1150 out of which 10% ($115) was donated to the Cultural Care Kids First foundation. All the money will help poor kids […]

The Youth Uplift Challenge


During the past couple months My team called ” Anetta’s 500 hands” participated in the The Youth Uplift Challenge. With the help of Cultural Care Au Pairs (special thanks to Julie Sudikova), Teachers (special thanks to Ms.Haenlein) and kids from The Berkley Street Elementary School in New Milford NJ, my […]

November 2016 Fire Safety meeting


Our Au Pair November meeting was hosted by the New Milford Fire Department Company 2. Special “Thank you” to Chief of Department Alan Silverman for conducting great Safety Meeting. We learned the basics of: – what to do when we are stuck at home with the kids surrounded by the […]

Self Defense class September 2016 class


Thanks to the hospitality of Chon-Ji Academy of Martial Arts our last week September Au Pair self defense class meeting was a great success. Over 50 Au Pairs from 4 different LCC groups attended and had a ball. Within an hour We learned so many different techniques that we will […]

Kids First Garage, Bake Sale with Face and Nails Painting


LOCAL AU PAIRS OFFER UP SOMETHING SWEET DURING GARAGE AND BAKE SALE (New Milford, NJ) June 26, 2016 – The smells and sounds coming from my house in New Milford last Sunday were anything but typical, as 17 Au Pairs, together representing 10 different countries and languages, gathered to share […]

April 2016 Host Family event at the Van Saun Zoo


Our April Host Family and Au Pair meeting was a great success. It was held at the Bergen County Zoological Park (located in Van Saun County Park) at 216 Forest Avenue in Paramus. Great number of families came with their kids and Au Pairs to take a tour of the […]

Celebrating each Ap Pair birthday in March 2016


This year once again we celebrated each and every Au Pair birthday in March. I have a group of amazing Au pairs and I wanted to let them know how great they were and how much I appreciated their hard work. Each one of them received a small VS birthday […]

Our February 2016 AP volunteering at The Senior Citizens Center


After Some of the Au Pairs approached me and told me that they were eager to go and volunteer at the Senior Citizens Center, I arranged the visit. On Sunday February 7th we volunteered at the Woodcrest Health Care Center in New Milford. Over 20 Girls visited the center. Not […]

Nail painting and “night make up” class January 2016


During our Cultural Care Au Pair January 2016 meeting we had nails painted by an Au Pair Mariana from Mexico who brought special drying lamp and a “night make up session” run by a make up artist Kate. Milena an AP from Switzerland baked delitious cupcakes. We had another LCC’s […]

My recent Press Release


Please check my recent Press Release

Our December 2015 Christmas Party


During our Au Pair December Christmas Party We had Secret Santa gift exchange. We all cooked a dish that was typical in our country. Au Pairs did an amazing job making all the theme cookies. We had Brazilian candy, cookies in the shape of Xmas tree, Ginger bread men and […]

NTC Boston 2015 National Training Conference


Just back from an amazing National Training Conference in Boston. I could not be more excited to represent Cresskill, Tenafly, Closter, New Milford, Teaneck, Hackensack, Fair Lawn, Paramus, Ridgewood, Englewood Cliffs as a local consultant for Cultural Care! Cultural exchange is something I am really passionate about! It is so […]

November 2015 Fire Safety & Skin facial meeting


Our November Cultural Care Au Pair Fire Safety meeting was followed by Our guest Yahaira and her team demonstrating Herbalife Skin Care Facial. Thank you all for coming and Thank You to Yahaira for educating us on the products.



Make up class – January 2015


Cultural Care Au Pair January “make up session.” Thanks to our guest, a make up artist, Kasia for giving us a lesson. Thanks to all of you APs who showed up last night. And thanks for the Bday cake😊